Links of interest

Below you’ll find an abbreviated list of performers, composers, and creatives I admire. Check them out!


Brianne Borden, an ASU doctoral student studying with David Hickman. Hear her on the world premiere of Storm Warning here. Alternatively (or additionally), read my profile on her here.

Chaz Martineau, a versatile tenor sax player currently in Mesa, Arizona. Check out his YouTube channel for original duets with a variety of Phoenix-area jazz musicians. Watch his performance of Red Light Horizon on my undergraduate senior recital here.

Matt Barbier, trombone faculty at CalArts and LA City College and member of almost every contemporary group you’ve ever heard of (gnarwhallaby, wildUp, Trio Kobayashi, RAGE Thormbones… the list goes on). If you don’t know him, you should.

Alex Wilson, professor of trumpet at Grand Valley State University and ASU doctoral alum. Hear him on RPM (trumpet trio) here. Also check out his debut record, Volti Subito, featuring a truly fearsome arrangement of Paganini’s second violin concerto.


Cameron Robello, a good friend and experimental composer based in New York. I’ll be premiering his piece, Quiver, for amplified trumpet and paper, on my mid-residency recital on March 3.

Ian Stahl, CalArts MFA candidate and frontman of the band Cilience. I’ll be performing on his graduation recital on March 9.

Chris Lamb, an ASU doctoral alum who’s currently working in Virginia. Phantom Brass will give the premiere of his work, Virginia Nights, this semester.

Amber Gudaitis, a composer and choreographer out of Portland, Oregon. She frequently mounts interdisciplinary works reuniting dance and live music.

Leila Bishop, a harpist/vocalist/songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. On top of all the usual harpist things, she fronts Love Underwater, a folk-punk band you should definitely check out.