Your Mouse God Is Dead

YMGID inspiration
The text that inspired Your Mouse God Is Dead.

Some pieces start as absurd requests from friends. Your Mouse God Is Dead is no exception—an otherwise ordinary afternoon took on a life of its own when I received a text from good friend and collaborator John Pisaro: “So Ian [Stahl] and I want you to write a piece for us called ‘The Mouse God is Gone’ for two voices.” Well, the titular phrase evolved over time, but the idea didn’t, and some weeks later, I presented them with a rough draft of the score.

What began as a silly outing into Disney metaphors and talk of fairytales ended up morphing into a much more serious, even frustrated, look at the transition from childhood into the adult world. Your Mouse God Is Dead calls for two performers armed with megaphones, storming up the aisles as they proclaim the ending of a familiar world and the coming of a much more turbulent one. Due to its construction, it is ideal for performers who do not want to be bound by notes and rhythms and is easily put together by musicians of all ages.

Run time: approx. 2′

Pick up a PDF copy for $20.00 or a hard copy for $25.00.
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Notes to the performers:
While I have not included instructions for staging, Your Mouse God Is Dead is a piece designed for motion. It can be performed by musicians on the go, in public places, or in transitional moments during a concert. As the piece is not metered, the main priority for performers should be lining up entrances and unison phrases. Beyond that, have fun!

Watch the world premiere of Your Mouse God Is Dead, as performed by John Pisaro and Ian Stahl:

Or listen on SoundCloud:

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