Below is a collection of pieces for speakers and/or singers. Each of these works can also be found on the chamber or large ensemble pages (respectively) as well as in my full catalog.


Coming soon: Stealing My Own Identity* – voice and fixed media

CA-198 – two voices. 2′
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order

Take What You Want* – two narrators with sad stories. 3′
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order

Your Mouse God Is Dead – two voices and megaphones. 2’30”
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order


He Probably Just Likes You* – mixed ensemble. 5′
$25.00 PDF/$30.00 hard copy. Place an order


Bells – soprano and piano. 3′
$15.00 PDF/$20.00 hard copy. Place an order

An asterisk (*) denotes that the piece is part of Letters from the Aftermath, a developing body of work exploring the aftereffects of sexual assault and rape culture. For more information, click here.