Below is a collection of pieces for speakers and/or singers. Each of these works can also be found on the chamber or large ensemble pages (respectively) as well as in my full catalog.

An asterisk (*) denotes that the piece is part of Letters from the Aftermath, a developing body of work exploring the aftereffects of sexual assault and rape culture. For more information, click here.


walking/I’m sorry, Mom*—two narrators and moving a cappella choir. ~5′
Commissioned by Tanner Pfeiffer for the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble at CalArts.
walking/I’m sorry, Mom will be available for purchase on May 1, 2019.


People Talk*—symphony orchestra and roaming, raging narrator (with option for chamber orchestra). 13’30”
Commissioned by Nicholas Deyoe for The Ensemble.
People Talk will be available for purchase on March 16, 2019.

women’s work (collective mend)*—mezzo-soprano and objects. 3′
Text by Felicia Zamora. Commissioned by the Arizona Women’s Collaborative.
women’s work/collective mend will be available in the spring of 2019.

like no one’s watching*—one or more victims/survivors/casualties. open
Free PDF/$5.00 hard copy. Place an order

all in a row.SATB choir (a cappella). 2’30”
$25.00 PDF/$30.00 hard copy. Place an order

CA-198two voices. 2′
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order

Take What You Want*—two narrators with sad stories. 3′
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order

Your Mouse God Is Deadtwo voices and megaphones. 2’30”
$20.00 PDF/$25.00 hard copy. Place an order


He Probably Just Likes You*—mixed ensemble. 5′
$25.00 PDF/$30.00 hard copy. Place an order


Bellssoprano and piano. 3′
$15.00 PDF/$20.00 hard copy. Place an order