Sibling Rivalry

This piece started as an experiment with my own horn; I wanted to see what textures I could create without the presence of a bass voice. I ended up drawing on many ensembles the trumpet is used in—concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, even marching bands. Within all this, I wanted to create a back-and-forth feel to the music, similar to the banter that many friends, siblings and trumpet players engage in on a regular basis. While the quartet begins as two teams, each intent on proving superiority, they eventually come together in pursuit of a common goal, as any ensemble must.

A note to performers:

Sibling Rivalry is written as a performance piece—acting the part of disgruntled siblings is encouraged and will add to the character of the piece overall. A few directions have been given in the score to assist performers in this endeavor; however, feel free to put in as much before and/or after the piece as you like.

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Watch Sibling Rivalry below: