Instrumental Works

Please note that there is some stylistic overlap between classical, experimental, and jazz for pieces within Letters from the Aftermath (indicated with an asterisk*) and LETTING GO. In most instances, these works are not genre-specific and can be played by ensembles from either background. I have listed them on these pages based on the circumstances of their commissioning and their premieres, but to find the complete lists, visit each of the pages listed above or start from the Projects catchall.

All the works listed here are currently available for sale and/or performance; if you don’t see a specific price, drop me a line. Pieces preceded by a triangle of dots (∴) are awaiting their world premieres. I promise they’re lovely, and if you’re looking for something new but don’t have a commission budget, this is your way in. As of September 2021 all pieces purchased from my website will be delivered electronically unless extreme extenuating circumstances apply. (If that’s you, hit that Contact button in the menu.)

(Not seeing what you’re looking for? It may not be for sale right nowcheck my full works list to see if it’s hiding there!)


  • unchartedtrumpet and tape.
    Commissioned by Caitlin Krueger. (Available post-premiere)







2014 and earlier