The Pursuit of Relaxation: Brianne Borden on Music, Yoga, and Balance

Mornings start early in the Arizona desert. Though summer and fall are by far the most torturous, runners, cyclists, and the athletically-inclined start going out before dawn as early as March in order to avoid heat stroke. It’s part of the state’s culture—get up early, be outside, then retreat to the depths of air-conditioned buildings until it’s safe to set foot outdoors again.

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Multifaceted: It’s Time for the Recital

After four fantastic (and incredibly challenging) years at ASU, I’m thrilled to be presenting some of my best work for various instrumentations on my senior recital! You’ll get to hear some trumpet music and some non-trumpet music as played by a swarm of my friends and collaborators from the Phoenix area. The program is as follows:
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Earthquake City Premiering at NTC 2016

Megan with the Grand Valley Trumpets and director Alex Wilson at NTC 2016
Left to right: Justin Schreier, Ethan Lonsway, Denton Grant, Erin Ray, Willis Dotson, Luke Buckingham, Megan DeJarnett, Brenden Hoekstra, Ryan Gilbert, and Alex Wilson.

The eight-member Grand Valley State University Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Alex Wilson, premiered my new piece Earthquake City at the Large Ensemble Semifinals of the 2016 National Trumpet Competition. This year, NTC was held at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA on March 10th-12th. Earthquake City was commissioned by the GVSU trumpet studio in the fall of 2015.

I was also in attendance at NTC for the premiere, thanks to a grant from the ASU School of Music. I had a great time networking within the national trumpet community! ♦