It’s not just composing.

While my commissions calendar is nearly always open, I’m also available to work on projects that extend into my other areas of expertise. If you have an idea that fits into one of the following categories, drop me a line—and if you’re not sure, ask anyway! I’ll work with you to make sure your needs and my abilities are a good fit.

Megan plays trumpet on a stage in front of a complex percussion setup.

Music Creation

  • Commission a new work from me. (For more detail, see my Commission Information page.)
  • Hire me as an improviser/performer on trumpet, flugelhorn, and voice.
  • Have me track your trumpet part from my home studio.
A nonbinary person with a short buzz cut leans against a cinderblock wall adorned with graffiti. They wear a forest green tank top; they have one eyebrow slightly raised and are smiling as they look toward the camera.

Lectures and Workshops

  • Bring me into your classroom, studio, or organization for a lecture or workshop.
  • Available topics include: working with composers, extended brass techniques, queer identities and respectful language (English), acknowledging power dynamics, etc.
  • Lectures focus on delivering content; workshops leave more room for questions as we go.
A silver-lacquered trumpet lies on a page of blank music staves.

One-on-One Education

  • Spend time with me weekly or biweekly for lessons in composition, text for musical settings, trumpet/flugel, or beginning-to-intermediate piano.
  • Book a single session or limited series of private meetings for education on power dynamics, queer identities, gender marginalization, compassionate language, and/or performance ethics.

Let’s work together.