Below you’ll find an abbreviated list of performers, composers, and creatives I admire. To receive notifications about performances and collaborations with these artists and others, join my mailing list.


Matt Barbier is the trombone professor at CalArts and LA City College and a member of almost every contemporary group you’ve ever heard of (gnarwhallaby, wildUp, Trio Kobayashi, RAGE Thormbones… the list goes on). If you don’t know him, you should. (and… seriously… check out RAGE.)

Brianne Borden is an ASU doctoral student studying with David Hickman. Much of her output focuses on incorporating yoga techniques into musical practice to reduce the risk of injury. Hear her on the world premiere of Storm Warning here. Alternatively (or additionally), read my profile on her here.

Sara Sithi-Amnuai is a versatile MFA Performer-Composer candidate at CalArts. Check out her SoundCloud and watch her mid-residency recital here.

Sarah Belle Reid is a trumpeter, music electronist, and CalArts DMA candidate. She also runs Mod Index, an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility and engagement of women in music technology. Check out her Patreon here.

Chaz Martineau is a versatile tenor sax player currently in Mesa, Arizona. Check out his YouTube channel for original duets with a variety of Phoenix-area jazz musicians. Watch his performance of Red Light Horizon on my undergraduate senior recital here.

Alex Wilson is the trumpet professor at Grand Valley State University and an ASU doctoral alum. Hear him on RPM (trumpet trio) here. Also check out his debut record, Volti Subito, featuring a truly fearsome arrangement of Paganini’s second violin concerto.


5th Wave Collective is a Chicago-based chamber music organization that facilitates the creation and performance of works by women composers. Most recently, two of their members, Ashley Ertz and Emily Whittaker, performed Take What You Want on Outcry, a collaborative concert. I particularly love their dedication to the music of both dead and living composers, as Ashley so wonderfully articulates in a post here.

The Industry is an experimental opera company in Los Angeles that’s dedicated to innovative, immersive productions and large-scale projects. They’re collaborating on the LA Phil’s 2018-19 season to assist in the production of John Cage’s Europeras. If you’re looking for new, compelling storytelling, check them out. I’d suggest starting with Hopscotch if you like the idea of a mobile opera executed partially in limousines.

WasteLAnd is a new music/experimental music/weird music concert series in Los Angeles, and they put on some pretty awesome stuff. Their featured composer for the ’18-’19 season is Katherine Young, who is a great bassoonist and a certifiable badass. If you’re ever in town for one of their shows, be sure to check it out—it’s usually a full house and a great time.


Cameron Robello is a good friend and experimental composer based in New York. I gave the world premiere of his new piece Quiver, for amplified trumpet and paper, on my mid-residency recital on March 3, 2018. Listen to the audio here or watch the video here.

Ian Stahl is a CalArts alum and frontman of the band Cilience. I had the pleasure of performing on his graduate recital. Ian is also an excellent sound engineer, and we’ve worked together on a number of recording projects.

Chris Lamb is a composer and ASU doctoral alum currently based in Virginia. Phantom Brass gave the premiere of his work, Virginia Nights, on my mid-residency recital on March 3, 2018.

Amber Gudaitis is a composer and choreographer out of Portland, Oregon. She frequently mounts interdisciplinary works reuniting dance and live music.

Leila Jay is a harpist/vocalist/songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. On top of all the usual harpist things, she fronts Love Underwater, a folk-punk band you should definitely check out.

“I love how Megan writes music like a blizzard, with all these delightful crunches in it.”

Dr. Alex Wilson, professor of trumpet at Grand Valley State University

“Whether delicately sewn or boisterously uprooted, Megan’s creative practice consistently upturns a soil rich in expressive detail. Her capacity to nurture a tender, budding seed matches her wildest winds and quakes – forms and sonic eruptions emerge as outgrowths of clear trajectory. Megan prunes down to the articulation and masterfully landscapes entire forms.”

Cameron Robello, composer

“… a bright and welcome contrast.”

Paul Muller, writer, Sequenza 21

“I highly recommend working with Megan!!! She’s fantastic!”

Jeremiah Jacks, director of bands at Spring View Middle School