Commission Information

A nonbinary person smirks at the camera, an eyebrow slightly raised. Their hair is in a short buzzcut, and ey are wearing stud earrings, a forest green shirt, and an oversized jean jacket. They stand in front of a cinderblock wall with an inlaid brick archway and wooden gate.

I’m currently accepting commissions for ensembles of all skill levels. My rates typically vary by duration, instrumentation, deadline, and use—a multi-movement piece for orchestra is more labor-intensive than a two-minute piece for two performers. That said, I enjoy working with students, ensembles, and educators, and I’m happy to explore options if you’re on a limited budget. For more information, contact me directly at: megan[dot]dejarnett[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll talk more about your project and work to create the right piece for you.

Please note that due to demand and my own creative schedule, I may require a six-month minimum period in which to create your piece. This varies from project to project, but I encourage you to reach out with as much advance notice as possible so we have the most flexibility as I craft you something cool.

A sampling of recent commissions: