I’m currently accepting commissions for ensembles of all skill levels for 2020 and 2021. My rates typically vary by duration, instrumentation, deadline, and use—a multi-movement piece for orchestra is more labor-intensive than a two-minute piece for two performers. That said, I enjoy working with students, ensembles, and educators, and I’m happy to explore options if you’re on a limited budget. For more information, contact me directly at: megan[dot]dejarnett[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll talk more about your project and work to create the right piece for you.

Please note that due to demand and my own creative schedule, I may require a six-month minimum period in which to create your piece. This varies from project to project, but I’m making an effort this year to budget my time in a way that’s healthy for me.

A sampling of recent commissions:

“I highly recommend working with Megan!!! She’s fantastic!”

Jeremiah Jacks, director of bands at Spring View Middle School

“… a bright and welcome contrast.”

Paul Muller, writer, Sequenza 21

“I love how Megan writes music like a blizzard, with all these delightful crunches in it.”

Dr. Alex Wilson, professor of trumpet at Grand Valley State University

“Whether delicately sewn or boisterously uprooted, Megan’s creative practice consistently upturns a soil rich in expressive detail. Her capacity to nurture a tender, budding seed matches her wildest winds and quakes – forms and sonic eruptions emerge as outgrowths of clear trajectory. Megan prunes down to the articulation and masterfully landscapes entire forms.”

Cameron Robello, composer