Megan DeJarnett (she/her, b.1995) is an interdisciplinary narrative artist whose work centers around themes of communication, immersion, empathy, and performer creativity. Hailed as having “a keen affinity for vulnerability, in both herself and others,” her musical catalog contains both traditional works and pieces exploring sexual assault, rape culture, trauma, gender, and recovery, often for use in interdisciplinary contexts. Megan collaborates with composers and performers around the world as a composer, performer, dancer, director, and soloist with a singular goal: to create and present new works that stretch an audience’s emotional capacity while reminding them of their humanity. She has premiered new works across the United States, including at the International Women’s Brass Conference, National Trumpet Competition, and California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts. Megan keeps an active commissions calendar and particularly enjoys working with student ensembles and early-career creatives.

Megan holds an MFA from the Performer-Composer program at CalArts and a BM in Theory and Composition from Arizona State University. Her primary teachers (and major inspirations) include Matt BarbierNicholas Deyoe, Tim FeeneyKotoka Suzuki, and Jody Rockmaker. She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona; in her free time, you can find her with her nose in a book or causing trouble with extended trumpet techniques. For more information, please visit

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“I highly recommend working with Megan!!! She’s fantastic!”

Jeremiah Jacks, director of bands at Spring View Middle School

“Whether delicately sewn or boisterously uprooted, Megan’s creative practice consistently upturns a soil rich in expressive detail. Her capacity to nurture a tender, budding seed matches her wildest winds and quakes – forms and sonic eruptions emerge as outgrowths of clear trajectory. Megan prunes down to the articulation and masterfully landscapes entire forms.”

Cameron Robello, composer

“I love how Megan writes music like a blizzard, with all these delightful crunches in it.”

Dr. Alex Wilson, professor of trumpet at Grand Valley State University

“… a bright and welcome contrast.”

Paul Muller, writer, Sequenza 21