Native Californian Megan DeJarnett strayed from the Silicon Valley world of technology into the musical arts as a child through dancing and performing on various instruments. During her high school and undergraduate study, DeJarnett explored classical and jazz performance and composition; by age twenty, she had premiered work at the National Trumpet Competition and written for multiple emerging performers. She has established herself as an avid composer of electronic and acoustic music, blending jazz elements with contemporary classical playing for an innovative, accessible sound. Her work has been described as “writing with the force of a blizzard” and “tastefully atonal.”

DeJarnett has studied composition with Jody Rockmaker and Kotoka Suzuki and trumpet with Alex Wilson and Brianne Borden; she graduated summa cum laude in May 2017 and is currently pursuing her MFA at CalArts. In her spare time, you can catch her getting coffee at her friends’ shows and singing along to pretty much everything.

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