We Aren’t Your Selling Point: Thoughts on Tokenism in Publishing

Let’s talk, for a moment (or an evening), about the first company that ever made me feel *less than* as a female composer.

Untouchable: The Male Gaze, ASU Jazz, and the Phoenix Community

When I was an undergrad running with the jazz boys, no one wanted to sleep with me. …Yeah, I didn’t know how to start this one, either. For all my work addressing sexual assault, I actually don’t spend all that much time dealing with sex. (I tend to leave that creative artistry to Rebecca Drapkin, … Continue reading Untouchable: The Male Gaze, ASU Jazz, and the Phoenix Community

2019 Blogs

Behold, a complete list of words I put on this website for public consumption in 2019. December the things that get me through, December 28 Commissions 2020: Expanding My Horizons (and maybe yours, too), December 21 Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, and the Importance of Teaching Identity, December 14 In Another Universe, I’m Already Dead: Costs … Continue reading 2019 Blogs

Hello Pretty Lady

[CW: sexual harassment] Hey, men friends? Y’all who believe in equality and want to be on the right side of things? I need you to listen to this one. Bear witness. Brass players, this would be good for y’all to read intentionally, too. I’ve spent the last couple days trying to figure out how to … Continue reading Hello Pretty Lady

on representation and artistry

Every once in awhile, usually when I’m in the middle of a slew of pieces about assault, my mom will check in with me about my writing. “You are taking the time to write happy music, right?” she often asks. It’s a time-honored song and dance—she asks, I reassure; lather, rinse, repeat. Less often, she echoes a sentiment I’ve … Continue reading on representation and artistry

Female Friends and Coercive Solidarity

I talk a lot about my relationships with men. I don’t talk as much about my relationships with women. Let’s start fixing that.

Paying Your Dues (and other bullshit)

Let’s talk about Paying Your Dues and irresponsible gatekeeping. Buckle up; this is a long one.