YOUR MOUSE GOD iS DEAD (and other new works): presenting the program

Hello again, friends and readers! (I know it’s been awhile. Life gets in the way sometimes. I’ll be back on the blog more in the coming months.)

As we round the corner into March, I’m well into my second semester at CalArts, and that means it’s recital time again! In addition to appearing on a slew of other concerts this semester, I’ll be presenting my own recital, YOUR MOUSE GOD iS DEAD, this Saturday, March 3, at 5PM PST in the Wild Beast. Because I’m in the Performer-Composer program, the show will be a mash-up of my own work and efforts from friends and colleagues around the world. The program is as follows:

Your Mouse God Is Dead (2018)* – Megan DeJarnett
RPM (2015/2017)** – Megan DeJarnett
Vocallisa (2013)* – Bracha Bdil°
Inept (2017)** – Cameron Robello
Flatline (2015)** – Megan DeJarnett
Virginia Nights (2017)* – Chris Lamb°


CA-198 (2018)* – Megan DeJarnett
Ain’t It Sad (2018)* – Jeremiah Sweeney
gravlax (2015)** – matt barbier
Quiver (2017)* – Cameron Robello
Take What You Want (2018)* – Megan DeJarnett
multitudes (2017) – Megan DeJarnett

Pieces with a single asterisk (*) are world premieres. Pieces with two asterisks (**) are regional premieres. Composers with a small circle (°) are winners of the Phantom Brass fall call for scores—look for more of these pieces rolling out this semester.

The rehearsal process for this program has been hectic, but I’m joined by a slew of great friends and performers—Matt Barbier, John Pisaro, Sara Sithi-Amnuai, Darren Dvoracek, Leila Bishop, Ian Stahl, and Sid Samberg—who have made putting these pieces together an absolute joy. We hope you’ll join us in the Beast or via live stream (link forthcoming) this Saturday!

TW: Take What You Want is part of Letters from the Aftermath, a body of work addressing sexual assault and rape culture. Take care of yourselves, please. ♦

Your thoughts?

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