Composer. Performer. Sound artist. Scholar.

A nonbinary person stands in front of a cinderblock wall adorned with graffiti that reads "GHOST 87." Their hair is in a short buzz cut; they wear stud earrings and a black leather jacket. Ey are smiling with one eyebrow slightly raised.

My name is Megan, and my pronouns are ey/they.

A nonbinary person with a short buzz cut smiles at the camera. They wear stud earrings, a forest green shirt, and a black leather biker jacket. Ey lean against a cinderblock fence with an inlaid wooden gate.

I’m an interdisciplinary narrative artist working primarily with music and text to explore human empathy and relationships. This spills over into my educational practices, where I’m a teacher and writer analyzing power dynamics and their effects on people of various marginalizations. My communities are the most important parts of my world—except maybe my cats.

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